Power I Skills is the first tier of Power Skills. Only one skill can be equipped in this tier.

Icon Name Price Description Highercut 500P Uppercut right after a dashing punch to jump higher than normal!
Ragevenge 1000P Getting hit by an enemy causes a damaging counter-explosion a moment later.
Ki Blast 4000P Blocking projects a circle of energy from you, reflecting projectiles.
Flyin' Fist 2000P Straight punches or jabs make you fall slower, keeping you in air longer.
Bull Rush 6000P Blocking gets replaced by a invulnerable charging attack! Rush them down!
Big Dash 8000P
Dull Pain 10000P After getting hurt, you're damage-proof for longer than normal. Very tough.
Hungry Man 15000P All unlocked food upgrades have a higher than normal chance to spawn.